Mardi Gras

31 March 2011 § Leave a comment

About a month ago…or on the 8th of March, so almost a month ago, i celebrated Mardi Gras. No one knew what it was, where I live. The celebration is generally a New Orleans’s tradition, so few others anticipate this day. I’ve never been to New Orleans, nor do I know anyone from there – I have no connection whatsoever to New Orleans and its lifestyle, but I love Mardi Gras. It’s my kind of holiday – another name for it is Fat Tuesday, where you literally eat regardless of all restrictions you had structured for a healthy diet.

(I have no clue who these girls are, I just found the picture on google and I thought it was cute!)

I know the New Orleans people eat King Cake during this festival time – which is what I baked in the above picture. It is essentially a cinnamon roll, braided and decorated with yellow, green, and purple sprinkles over the icing. There are specific recipes for it, but I just decided to use a cinnamon roll recipe and braid it instead of proceeding to cut it into rolls. I just wanted to try a cinnamon roll recipe I had found but also make a King Cake. In each King Cake there is a tiny plastic baby for some reason – tradition is, whoever gets the baby in their slice of cake has to supply the next King Cake. As far as I understand, the King Cake is eaten at little parties every Friday during festival time. What the exact duration of the entire holiday is? I’ve no clue.

There seem to be a lot of drinking and and just simply gorging of food – carnivals through the streets, screaming people, excited children, happy drunks, women showing more skin than most non-New Orleanians are accustomed to in a city, and just the usual holiday festivities. I would love to travel to new Orleans sometime just to experience Mardi Gras.

Oh, and I love the masks that people wear! Like during Christmas, people wear Santa hats, during Mardi Gras they wear beautiful masks that revolve around the theme colors of gold, purple, and green and most have feathers attached to their mask as well. Beads. I promise – it’s bead necklace galore in New Orleans on this particular day – its crazy! Big beaded necklaces and ordinary ones – necklaces with little masks on them too.

I have never properly celebrated this day – just about twice I believe buts its become my third, maybe fourth, favorite holiday. The first being Christmas – second, Halloween – and third and fourth is between the Forth of July and Mardi Gras.

I am simply fascinated with this holiday.

(None of these photos are mine, except for the two of the King Cake, which I baked :])


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